Dr. Rita Banerjee, M.Sc, Ph.D.


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Genetics & Plant Breeding

Ph.D. Thesis:

Assessment of mutagenic effects of Mytomycin and Streptomycin on Tossa Jute (Corchorus olitorius L.)

Areas of Interest:

Classical and molecular breeding techniques for host resistance

in mulberry.



Total : 35

First Author : 20


Best Ten:

Rita Banerjee, N K. Das, S. G. Doss A. K. Saha, A. K. Bajpai & B B Bindroo(2011) Narro sense heritability estimates of bacterial leaf spot resistance in pseudo F2 (F1) population of mulberry(Morus spp.) European Journal of PlantPathology (Springer; Impact factor (IF):1.6 [in press]

Banerjee R, Roychowdhuri S, Sau H, Das BK, Saha AK, Saratchandra B & Bajpai AK (2011) Phenotypic divergence in mulberry (Morus spp.) germplasm collections (Taylor & Francis; Non-IF). Journal of Crop Improvement 25: 459-471.

Rita Banerjee, S Ghosh, SG Doss, AK Saha, AK. Bajpai and RK Khatri (2011) Morphological, anatomical and molecular characterization of full-sib pseudo-F2 (F1) progenies in mulberry with resistance to bacterial leafspot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. mori) Indian Journal Genetics and Plant Breeding (ISGPB; Non-IF) 71: 356-362

Banerjee R, Maji MD, Ghosh P & Sarkar A (2009)Genetic analysis of disease resistance against Xanthomonas campestris pv. mori in mulberry (Morus spp.) and identification of germplasm with high resistance. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection (Taylor & Francis ; IF 0.74) 42:291-297

Banerjee R, Das NK, Maji MD, Mandal K, Bajpai AK (2009) Screening of mulberry genotypes for disease resistance in different seasons to bacterial leaf spot Indian Journal Genetics and Plant Breeding (ISGPB; Non-IF) 69: 292-296.

Banerjee R, Roychowdhuri S, Sau H, Das BK, Ghosh P & Saratchandra B (2007) Genetic diversity and interrelationship among mulberry genotypes Journal Genetics and Genomics (Elsevier; IF 1.5) 34:691-697.

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Banerjee R, Chakroborty SP, Das BK (2006) Morpho-anatomical traits and preliminary screening of mulberry (Morus spp) genotypes for moisture stress condition Indian Journal Genetics and Plant Breeding (ISGPB; Non-IF) 66:134-136.

Mondal BK, Dhara MC, Mondal BB, Das SK. and Nandy R (1989) Effect of intercropping on the yield components Of Rice, Mungbean Soybean, Peanut and Blackgram. Journal of Agronomy&Crop Science (Wiley; IF 2.0)162: 30-34. 

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