Host Plant Improvement & Production Section




1. Dr. K. Suresh, Scientist-C (Plant Breeding and Genetics)

2. Mr. Yallappa Harijan, Scientist-C (Plant Breeding and Genetics)

3. Dr. Deepika Kumar Umesh, Scientist-C (Plant Physiology)


Technical Staff :

1. Sri Bimal Chaudhuri, STA

2. Smt. Suparna Paul, STA

3. Sri Saumen Chatterjee, STA



Labs :

1. Mulberry Breeding and Genetics Lab

2. Mulbery Physiology Lab

3. Agronomy Lab

4. Soil Science and Chemistry Lab


Mandates :




Ongoing Projects
Sl No. Project Code & Title
PI of the Project
Total Budget (in Lakh Rs)
Expected Outcome

PIB 02007 SI:  Improvement of mulberry leaf longevity in eastern & north eastern states of India

Dr. Deepika Ku. Um., Sci-C

June 2020 –
 May 2024

1. To understand hormonal regulation of senescence in mulberry genotypes 
2.To determine stay-green traits for improved mulberry leaf longevity


Formulation for improving mulberry leaf longevity along with yield and quality.


PPA 02005 SI: Optimization of spacing and nutrient dose for newly developed high yielding mulberry variety (C-2038) under irrigated condition

Dr. Yallappa Harijan,Sci-C

Oct. 2019-
Sept. 2023

To find out the optimum spacing and level of fertilizer for higher leaf productivity and better leaf quality under irrigated condition for the high yielding mulberry variety, C-2038.


Package of practices for higher leaf productivity and quality in mulberry variety C-2038


PIB02010SI: Final yield trial of promising high yielding mulberry genotypes for Eastern and North-Eastern India

Dr. K. Suresh, Sci.-C

 Feb, 2021 –  Jan , 2025

  1. To evaluate improved mulberry genotypes for growth traits and leaf productivity
  2. To assess the leaf quality by biochemical and silkworm bioassay


High yielding mulberry genotypes suitable for irrigated and low rainfed conditions of E & NE states.


PIE 02002 SI:  Evaluation of performance of mulberry genotype C-9 under red and laterite soils.

Dr. K. Suresh, Sci.-C

July, 2019 to June, 2023

To assess the performance of c-9 under red & lateritic soils of Eastern and North-Eastern India


Mulberry variety for low input condition & Red - lateritic soils of E& NE India



PRP 08 002 MI:: Identification of candidate genes based powdery mildew resistance for utilization in disease resistance breeding in mulberry.

(Coll. with SBRL, Kodathi)

Dr. K. Suresh, Sci.-C

May 2019 to May 2022

1. To identify powdery mildew susceptibility genes Mildew Resistance Locus O (MLO) from mulberry.

2. To screen powdery mildew resistant mulberry genotypes for an association of non-functional mutation in the candidate MLO gene with disease resistance.

3. Validation of caps marker for chalcone synthase gene involved in powdery mildew resistance in diverse germplasm accessions/segregating progenies.


Establishment of experimental plot with for screening powdery mildew


PIE 13001 MI:  All India Co-ordinated Experimental Trial for Mulberry Varieties- Phase IV

Dr. K. Suresh, Sci-C

Apr, 2019 to
Mar, 2025

To identify and authorize suitable mulberry varieties for commercial use in different agro-climatic mulberry cultivation zones of India


Mulberry varieties suitable for E & NE

Pilot Study


Development of mulberry crop schedule for optimal silk productivity in West Bengal

Dr. K. Suresh, Sci.-C

Nov 2019 – Oct 2020 (Extended upto Feb 2022)

To identify season-wise crop schedule in mulberry sericulture for West Bengal


Suitable Mulberry silkworm   Crop Schedule for higher leaf and cocoon yield in WB. 

Transfer of Technology
On Field Trials


Popularization of Authorized Mulberry Varieties
[C-2038, C-2028, Tr-23/BC259]

Dr. K. Suresh, Sci.-C

April 2021- March,2023

  1. Popularization and demonstration of  new mulberry varieties among the farmers in E & NE India
  2. Assessment impact of new varieties in terms of leaf and cocoon productivity at farmers level.


Transfer of new mulberry varieties (C-2038, C-2028, Tr-23) from lab to land.
Increasing leaf productivity at farmer field

On Station Trials


Low cost drip fertigation system for Mulberry

Dr. Yallappa Harijan, Sci.-C

October 2019- September. 2023

To find out the performance of low cost drip fertigation for mulberry at  different test centers


Low cost drip fertigation system for mulberry cultivation in E& NE states


Evaluation of high yielding & bacterial leaf spot resistant mulberry variety C-7

Dr. Deepika KU, Sci-C

June 2020 –
May 2023

To validate the genotype C-7 for bacterial leaf spot resistance & leaf    biomass potential


Bacterial leaf spot resistant mulberry variety for humid subtropical region


Evaluation of High yielding and Low temperature stress tolerant C-01 and C-11

Dr. K. Suresh, Sci.-C

June 2021 –
May 2024

To evaluate  C-01(C2060) and C-11(C2065) for early sprouting,   winter crop yield and  leaf productivity


High yielding  low temperature stress tolerant mulberry variety for colder areas of  subtropical region


Concluded Projects

Sl No.

Project Code & Title
Achievement / Output
Utilisation status of the output


PIB 3610: Preliminary evaluation of newly evolved mulberry genotypes for mulberry      Improvement.

Jun, 2017 - May, 2020

  1. Evaluation of improved lines for foliage biomass and associated agronomic traits under PYT.
  2. Qualitative assessment of superior lines through Biochemical, propagation and Silkworm moulting test for prospective commercial utilization

Identified three genotypes viz., PPY 8, PPY 10 and PPY 24 with     more than 20% higher leaf yield over C-2038 for irrigated region.

FYT of three promising genotypes in Eastern and North Eastern India


PIB 3576: Evaluation of new mulberry genotypes for improvement in productivity and   quality.

June, 2016 - July, 2020

To identify high yielding mulberry genotypes with early sprouting
during winter month

C-01 & C-11 were identified as high yielding (> 56 t/ha/yr) over check S-1635 (42t/ha/yr).   Early sprouting (> 6 days) and high crop productivity during winter.

OST of mulberry bC-1(C2060) & C-11(C2065) in subtropical colder regions of India before commercial exploitation.


PIB 3627: Development of superior mulberry (Morus spp.) genotypes through polyclonal seed orchard.

June, 2018 – May, 2021

  1. To establish Polyclonal seed orchard for creating enormous genetic variability.
  2. To identify promising mulberry seedlings for further utilization.
  • Establishment of Seed orchard (PSO) with divergent parents as source of PCH seeds.
  • 461 desirable polycross hybrids were developed for improvement of yield and quality in mulberry.

Evaluation 461 PCH progenies for yield and quality.
Maintenance of established   clonal seed orchard.



Mulberry Genetic Resources (CSR&TI, Berhampore West Bengal):

About 242 mulberry accessions with National accessions number (NBPGR) were maintained along with 200 elite clones and polyploidy (Annexures).

New Mulberry Varieties under Popularization



Leaf yield [MT/ha/yr]

Suitable agro climates
Year of authorization
Area covered (acres)


53-54 (irrigated)
17-21 (Rainfed)

irrigated region




11-12 (hills)
24-25 (foot hills)

Sub tropical hills





Water logged soils





Coastal saline soils