Mulberry Breeding & Genetics




1. Dr. Soumen Chattopadhyay, Scientist-D

2. Dr. K. Suresh, Scientist-C

3. Mr. Yallappa Harijan, Scientist-B

4. Dr. Deepika Kumar Umesh, Scientist-B




Evolving some high yielding mulberry varieties, the leaves of which provide the sole food source of silkworm, (Bombyx mori L) and to cater the need of the sericultural farmers from different Seri zones of Eastern and North-Eastern regions of India.




Sl No. Project Code & Title
PI of the Project
Total Budget (in Lakh Rs)
Expected Outcome
PIE 02002 SI: Evaluation of performance of mulberry genotypes C-9 under red and laterite soils.

Dr. K. Suresh, Sci.-C

July, 2019 – June, 2023

To assess the performance of c-9 under red & lateritic soils of Eastern and North-Eastern India


Mulberry genotype suitable for cultivation under Red & lateritic soils will be assessed

AICEM: All India Co-ordinated Experimental Trial for Mulberry Varieties- Phase IV
Dr. K. Suresh, Sci-C
Apr, 2019-Mar, 2025
To identify and authorize suitable mulberry varieties for commercial use in different agro-climatic mulberry cultivation zones of India
New mulberry varieties suitable for E&NE

PIB-3627: Development of superior mulberry (Morus spp.) genotypes through Polyclonal Seed Orchard

Mr Yallappa Harijan, Sci-B

June 2018 to May 2021

1. To establish Polyclonal seed orchard for creating enormous genetic variability.

2. To identify promising mulberry seedlings for further utilization.


1. The Polyclonal Seed Orchard (PSO) will be established for creating enormous genetic variability.

2. Promising mulberry genotypes with desired traits will be identified for their future utilization.



PIB 02007 SI:  Improvement of mulberry leaf longevity in eastern & north eastern states of India

Dr. Deepika Ku. Um., Sci-B

June 2020 - May 2024

1. To understand hormonal regulation of senescence in mulberry genotypes 

2. To determine stay-green traits for improved mulberry leaf longevity


The formulation evolved for improving mulberry leaf longevity would be evaluated through large scale field trials with the farmers and the product would be commercialized




Sl No. Project Code & Title
PI of the Project
Total Budget (in Lakh Rs)
Expected Outcome

PRP 08 002 MI:: Identification of candidate genes based powdery mildew resistance for utilization in disease resistance breeding in mulberry.

(Coll. with SBRL, Kodathi)

Dr. K. Suresh, Sci.-C

May 2019 – May 2022

1. To identify powdery mildew susceptibility genes Mildew Resistance Locus O (MLO) from mulberry.

2. To screen powdery mildew resistant mulberry genotypes for an association of non-functional mutation in the candidate MLO gene with disease resistance.

3. Validation of caps marker for chalcone synthase gene involved in powdery mildew resistance in diverse germplasm accessions/segregating progenies.


Establishment of experimental plot with for screening powdery mildew