Dr. L. Somen Singh                               

M.Sc.(Zoology), Ph.D.

Scientist- C

Phone: 0385-2422974(O)

Mobile: 9436033596

E-mail: somen_laishram@yahoo.com


Specialization    :    Entomology

Ph.D. Thesis    : “Bioecological studies of Tuberculatus nervatus Chakrabarti & Raychaudhuri (Homoptera:Aphididae) and its          natural      enemy complex on Quercus serrata Thunb. in Manipur”.

     Total             :  33nos.
     First Author   : 13 nos. 

Research publication (best 10)

1.      A new species of Betuloxys mackauer (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae) from Manipur, India.(1993), J. Adv. Zool.: 14(2): 124-125.

2.      Influence of photoperiod and temperature on the biology of the aphid Tuberculatus nervatus Chakrabarti & Raychaudhuri. Uttar Pradesh J. Zool. 14(2): 125-128.

3.      Field density of the oak aphid Tuberculatus nervatus Chakrabarti & Raychaudhuri (Homoptera:Aphididae) on Quercus serrata Thunb. (Fagaceae) in relation to predatory and abiotic factors. (1995), Phytophaga:7:33-40.

4.      Spatial distribution and dispersion statistics of Chakrabarti & Raychaudhuri on on Quercus serrata Thunb. (1998), J. Aphidol. 12(1&2):53-56.

5.      Evolution of a superior  breed of oak tasar silkworm – Blue. (2008), Sericologia 48(3):289-295.

6.      Identification of high yielding oak tasar silkworm hybrid. (2009), Journal of NonTimber Forest Product, 16(4):281-284.

7.      Estimation of general and specific combining ability and heterosis to identify suitable parents in oak tasar silkworm breeds. (2010), Journal of NonTimber Forest Product, 17(3):283-290.

8.      Characterization and evaluation of oak tasar silkworm genetic resources in India. (2011), Sericologia 51(1):1-12.

9.      Studies of hybrid vigour in different crosses of the eri silkworm, Samia ricini Donovan and identification of superior hybrids. (2011), Sericologia 51(2):237-244.

10.  Bioecological studies of an oak tasar silkmoth, Antheraea frithii Moore in North East India. (2011),Uttar Pradesh J. Zool. 14(2): 125-128.