Ministy of Textiles-Govt.Of India


Disciplinary powers (Administrative Powers):          



        1. To be the Head of the Institute and to take the decision on all matters pertaining to the Institute and its nested units
        2. To be the Drawing & Disbursing officer of the Institute.
        3. To grant leave and increment of all Officers and Staff working under his control.
        4. To grant LTC to the officers and employees under his control.
        5. To pass all salary & allowances bills, wage bills, parties bill etc.
        6. To dispose of all the administrative, accounts, technical and research matters of the institute and its nested units.
        7. To grant disability leave and special casual leave to officers and staff below his level as per rules.
        8. Acceptance of resignation of officers/staff up to the level of Deputy Director/Scientist-C.
        9. To grant special pay to clerical staff working as telephone operators as per rules.
        10. To grant personal pay equivalent to one increment to officer and staff under his control on adoption of family planning norms.
        11. To grant paternity, maternity and Child care leave to the employees under his control.
        12. To close the probationary period in respect of the officers and staff below his rank as per rule.
        13. To obtain annual property returns from the officers below his rank in Group A & B every year and to retain the same in safe custody.
        14. To issue no objection certificate for obtaining passport as per rules for officers and staff below his rank working under his control.
        15. To issue no objection certificate for obtaining visa and grant of leave for going abroad to the officers /staff up to the level of Joint Director working under his control.
        16. To grant permission for extension of time limit up to six months in addition to the normal six months for completion of journey on LTC by the family of officers/staff working under his control, except himself.
        17. To sign bond on behalf of the Member Secretary, Central Silk Board for the employees who are granted study leave/deputed for training abroad/ scholarship /associate ship/fellowship etc.
        18. Approval for change of Home Town in respect of officers/ staff working his control under intimation to Central Office as per rules.
        19. Approval for change of surname in respect of officers/ staff working under his control as per rules under intimation to Central Office.
        20. To dispose of pay anomaly requests of officers and staff working under his control within the Institute/Station.
        21. To approve list of holidays for the units coming under his control with a copy to Central Office.

    Deputy Director (A&A):

      1. To oversee the working of administrative division for its timely disposal.
      2. He will monitor and supervise the work of Accounts and bill section.

    Assistant Director (A&A):

        1. He will look after all disciplinary cases, court cases, purchase of land matters, payment of tax for land etc. and its timely follow up action. He shall be responsible for keeping these records/files under his safe custody
        2. He will supervise and monitor all matters pertaining to establishment section and to see its timely disposal including the matter of security, watch & ward duties of Group-D staff, engagement of manpower through contractor
        3. He will supervise and monitor the Laborer Cell, Civil Construction Works, Audit and RTI matters and see the settlement of credit medical bills of CSB recognized hospitals
        4. All the files pertaining to Reporter Cell (except confidential matters), Establishment, Labour Cell, Hindi Cell will be routed through him and he will put up the same to the Director through the Deputy Director (A&A) for final disposal.
        5. He will act as Store & Vehicle In-charge and responsible for maintenance of records properly. All files pertaining to Store and Vehicle will be routed through him. He will also keep account of all store articles purchased/ procured by Storekeeper (UDC).
        6. To attest the entries into the Service Book in respect of Non-Gazetted staff and SWs of the main institute and nested units.