Project Monitoring Co-ordination & Evaluation Cell



1. Dr. Dipesh Pandit, Scientist-D




1. Smt. Mahua Chattopadhyay, STA

2. Mr. Subrata Sarkar, STA

3. Smt. Subhra Karmakar, STA


Major activities of PMCE Division

Project Work  (Associated):

  1. MOE 02011 EF (NABARD Funded): Development of Seri-entrepreneurship through sericulture chawki business by setting up 02 Chawki Rearing Centers (CRC) as demonstrative units in Murshidabad district, West Bengal.

PMCE Activities:

    1. Monitoring, co-ordination and evaluation of research projects / programmes/ pilot studies.
    2. Organization of scientific/technical reports (e.g. agenda explanatory note, progress of ongoing, concluded research projects/programmes/pilot studies and follow up actions) of:
      1. Research Council Meeting
      2. Research Advisory Committee Meeting Organization of Monthly Meeting
    1. Organization of Monthly Meeting
    2. Preparation of Annual Action Plan of CSRTI-Berhampore(WB). Also to prepare achievement of previous year against target
    3. Preparation of Annual Reports. Also Annual Report of the Institute for inclusion in CSB Annual Report.
    4. Preparation of Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly progress Reports
    5. Preparation of Job chart of Scientist and all officials
    6. Publication of bi-annual research bulletin NEWS & VIEWS
    7. Follow-up action of RCC, Core Committee, MVAC, HAC, SLSCC meeting etc
    8. Correspondences and coordination with universities / institutes/ other organizations for collaborative research projects/programmes/ MoU/MTA etc.
    9. Co-ordination and correspondences to DOSs of different states and other organizations
    10. Correspondences for Patenting and Commercialization, Trademark etc.
    11. Updating of different information relating to Right-to-Information Act
    12. Organizing other regular internal and external meeting as well and ensuring proper follow up.
    13. Correspondences of files and registers 
      1. Publication
      2. Seminar/ Symposium/ Conference/ Training of Scientist
      3. Referees comments
      4. Consultancy
      5. Store article
      6. Dead Stock articles
      7. Universities/Other Institution (MoU & MTA)  etc.
    1. Preparation and compilation of all different kinds of miscellaneous works
      1. Pamphlets/ Leaflets (Designing DTP, Bengali translation etc)
      2. Technology Descriptor (Designing, DTP, Bengali Translation)
      3. Deployment List
      4. Third Party Evaluation
      5. PMO Evaluation
      6. Covid-19 related report
      7. NERTPS Report
      8. Prepared Abridge Report (Monthly)
      9. Prepared Adoption of Technologies Report (Monthly)
      10. Report on Farmers’ Interaction (Monthly)  etc.
      11. Director’s miscellaneous.
    1. Chairmanship of different committees
    2. Association with projects as CI
    3. OFT Mega project preparation
    4. HRD related activities / Working as Faculty of HRD (Structured & Non-structured Course)/ Guiding of PGDS Students
    5. Various unforeseen Miscellaneous works as directed by CA/ Directo
    6. Writing of APAR