Ministy of Textiles-Govt.Of India



CSRTI @ Berhampore under the aegis of Central Silk Board is the leading sericulture R&D facility which develops and deploys improved silkworm breeds, high yielding mulberry varieties, cutting edge information and communication technology for cultivation, protection, production for mulberry sericulture farmers in Eastern & North Eastern India.


CSRTI-Berhampore again had an excellent twelve months delivering sericulture technology and scientific excellence to the stakeholders with the coordination & cooperation of the collaborators, the DOSs of Eastern & North Eastern India. The past year has seen more coherent implementation of R&D programmes for the benefit of stakeholders with growing impact. Today CSRTI-BHP is well positioned to capitalize on a number of trends in sericulture research including Novel process to suppress mulberry leaf spot and root rot through antifungal peptide; NIRMOOL, an eco- and user-friendly effective general disinfectant; A novel, rapid and simple assessment method for soil biological health in mulberry ecosystem; Promising high yielding & drought tolerant mulberry genotypes; Tree plantation systems; 12Y x BFC1, an improved crossbreed; Novel introduction of region-specific bivoltine double hybrids (BHP & WB); Breakthrough molecular markers for high humidity in silkworms; Early launch of AICEM-IV phase; Soil Health Card programme; Suvarna prototype; Biocontrol agents for pest management etc. driven by strong scientific basis to improve the productivity and quality. We are trying to broaden our work to identify opportunities focusing on Nistari improvement, High temperature & high humidity tolerant silkworm breeds, Disease resistance, Mutation breeding, Leaf quality improvement, Aptamer technology, By-product utilization, Appropriate mechanization, Waste land development & IFS.


Over the years, we’ve pursued that mission with scientific excellence and sometimes in creative ways. Time has come to realize that in technology transfer, the beaten path(s) doesn’t always lead to results, and successful technology adoption requires its own kind of innovation. Expertise is now helping expand research by partnering with the Universities @ Kalyani, Mohanpur, North Bengal, Raiganj, Kishanganj & MANAGE-Hyderabad. We are also looking forward to establish outreach programmes with ICAR-KVKs across the region to benefit the sericulture fraternity.  This year we tried to provide critical inputs to the stakeholders through result-oriented ToT programmes. Latest technological inputs and capacity building programmes were innovatively designed and executed effectively by my colleagues to reach stakeholders effectively. Cocoon Handicraft’s training programme in Bihar found a mention in Prime Minister’s Mann-Ki-Baat programme as an inspiration.  No doubt that the next year will yield even more innovation and ingenuity as we venture to produce more silk with improved quality in a sustainable manner to enliven farmer’s livelihoods.


The concerted and dedicated efforts of multi-disciplinary team @ CSRTI-Berhampore would continue to deliver and support large number of stakeholders in the region with impacting technologies.


                                                                                                                                                                                                    DR. V. SIVAPRASAD                                                                                                                                                                                                           DIRECTOR