M.sc (Zoology), Ph.D


Phone Number: 09436105722

  Specialization: : Limnology

  Ph.D. Thesis: Limnological Studies in Mizoram with special reference to Bio-diversity and ecology of plankton’

Total:  10 Nos  (National - 3, International - 1, Popular article, Report - 4, Abstract -1, Scientific article – 1(in press) .
          First Author: 1

  Research publication (best 10):


      1.   Tikader A., Pachuau L and  Gogoi A.K (2011) Performance of Cricula trifenestrata Helfer on different host plants and its variability.   
     International Journal of Wild Silk Moth and Silks
. Vol. 15. 155 – 167 (2011).
L. Pachuau., Tikader A and B.N. Choudhury (2012) Conservation of Seri-biodiversity in Mizoram. Indian Silk. Vol. 3. p.37
Tikader, A. Pachuau, L. and Gogoi, A.K. (2012) Biodiversity in Cricula trifenestrata Helfer – golden silk producing wild silk moth in India.  
     Scientific Bulletin of National Biodiversity Authority
, Govt. of India (In Press).
4.   Tikader A., Pachuau L and  Gogoi A.K (2011) Cricula trifenestrata Helfer: The wonderful Golden wild silk producing insect. Indian Silk. Vol.
     2. p.17
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6.   Gogoi A.K., Tikader A and Pachuau L (2010) Report on demonstration programme of Mother Moth examination. Indian Silk. Vol. p.37
Gogoi A.K, Pachuau L,and Tikader A. (2010) Report of demonstration programme of grainage operation, identification of Pebrine disease and
     Stem borer control at Goalpara. Indian silk vol-1 (9) :p-77
8.    Tikader A, Gogoi A.K & Pachuau L. (2011) A report on technical awareness programmed & demonstration Stem borer control, application on
      Lahdoi and uses of bamboo mountage at Jarapara Kamrup Assam Indian silk vol-2(50 old) No-2. p-30. 
9.     Gogoi A.K, Pachuau L and Tikader A. (2011) A report on technical awareness  programmed at P2 Farm, Jalah ( BTC) Assam. Indian silk
      vol 2(50 old) No-3. p-32.