1. Dr. A.R Pradeep, Scientist-D

2. Dr. Pooja Makwana, Scientist-C

3. Dr. Raviraj V.S., Scientist-C



        1. Improvement of mulberry/silkworm by harnessing molecular marker technologies
        2. Identification of mulberry – based anti microbial peptides against bacterial flacherie infecting silkworm Bombyx mori
        3. Identification of functional gene markers for tolerance to high humidity and high temperature conditions in the silkworm Bombyx mori and its utilization in breed development program


    Sl No. Project Code & Title
    PI of the Project
    Total Budget (in Lakh Rs)
    Expected Outcome


    AIC02004CN:Molecular characterization and assessment of the efficacy of low molecular weight peptides isolated from mulberry leaf against flacherie disease of silkworm
    (in collaboration with University of North Bengal, Siliguri)

    Dr. Pooja Makwana, Sci-C

    May, 2019 - May, 2022

    • Purification and characterization of identified potential peptide(s) using HPLC – MS based approach
    • Assessment of protection potential of identified low molecular weight peptide fractions against pathogen(s) of Flacherie
    • Validation of disease suppression ability and silkworm quality parameters by the synthesized specific peptide

    Rs. 24.75

    • Potential low molecular weight peptide will be utilized in effective doses determined against pathogens of flacherie disease in silkworm


    AIT 02008 SI: Identification of high humidity tolerant silkworm breeds/ hybrids for Eastern & North Eastern India

    Dr. Raviraj VS, Sci- C

    June 2020-May 2024

    • To identify gene markers linked to humidity-tolerance
    • To develop silkworm breeds/hybrids tolerant to high temperature and high humidity
    • To popularize hardy bivoltine silkworm hybrids in Eastern and North Eastern region


    • Gene markers linked to humidity-tolerance in silkworms
    •  Silkworm breeds/hybrids tolerant to high temperature and high humidity


    AIT 02012 CI:Characterization of mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori L. mutants for tolerance to flacherie syndrome through genome editing tools –
    DST-JSPS program
    (Exchange program)

    Dr. Pooja Makwana, Sci- C

    Dr. K. Rahul ,Sci- C

    Two years

    • To develop silkworm site-directed mutants exhibiting tolerance to flacherie syndrome by genome editing.
    • To evaluate developed mutants for cocoon crop improvement in Eastern & North Eastern India and Japan.

    Rs. 6.90 lakhs (DST-JSPS)

    • Development of silkworm mutants resistant to flacherie syndrome through genome editing tools (CRISPR/ Cas9)
    • Utilization of the developed mutants for further breeding activities

    Recent Publications from Biotechnology Division

    1. Makwana P, H. Dubey, A. R.Pradeep,V. Sivaprasad, K. M. Ponnuvel and R K. Mishra (2021) Dipteran endoparasitoid infestation actively suppressed host defense components in hemocytes of silkworm Bombyx mori for successful parasitism. Animal Gene: In Press
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    5. Prabhuling SH*, Makwana P*, Pradeep ANR, Vijayan K, Mishra RK (2021) Release of mediator enzyme β-hexosaminidase and modulated gene expression accompany hemocyte degranulation in response to parasitism in the silkworm Bombyxmori. Biochemical Genetics. *equal contribution
    6. Makwana P, Rahul K, Chattopadhyay S, Sivaprasad V (2021) Effect of thermal stress on antioxidant responses in Bombyx mori. Chemical Science Review and Letters, 10(38): 288-294. doi:10.37273/chesci.cs2051101007v
    7. Shambhavi HP, Makwana P, Surendranath B, Ponnuvel, KM, Mishra RK and Pradeep AR (2020) Phagocytic events, associated lipid peroxidation and peroxidase activity in hemocytes of silkworm Bombyx mori induced by microsporidian infection. Caryologia, International Journal of Cytology, Cytosystematics and Cytogenetics, 73(1): 93-106
    8. Makwana P, Chattopadhyay S and Sivaprasad V (2019) Evaluation of synthetic antimicrobial peptides for the control of mulberry brown leaf spot disease incited by Myrothecium roridum. Journal of Crop and Weed, 15(3): 209-212.
    9. Shambhavi PH, Pradeep ANR, Makwana P, Sagar C and Mishra RK (2019) Cellular defence and innate immunity in the larval ovarian disc and differentiated ovariole of the silkworm Bombyx mori induced by microsporidian infection. Invertebrate Reproduction & Development, 64(1): 10-21
    10. Shambhavi PH, Pooja M, Pradeep AR and Mishra RK (2019) Immune suppression being the cause for establishment of Nosema bombycis parasitism in the silkworm Bombyx mori. Innovative Farming, 4 (3): 155-161
    11. Makwana P, Pradeep AR, Hungund SP, Ponnuvel KM and Trivedy K (2017) The dipteran parasitoidExorista bombycis induces pro- and antioxidative reactions in the silkworm Bombyx mori: Enzymatic and genetic analysis. Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology, 94(2): e21373.
    12. Pooja M, Pradeep ANR, Hungund SP, Sagar C, Ponnuvel KM, Awasthi AK and Trivedy K (2017) Oxidative stress and cytotoxicity elicited lipid peroxidation in hemocytes of Bombyx mori larva infested with dipteran parasitoid, Exorista bombycis. Acta Parasitologica, 62(4): 717-727.

    Technologies emanated from the earlier Seri-Biotech programs of the Institute


    Project/Research activity



    Patent proposed

    Scientists involved


    PIB3521- Assessment of promising powdery mildew resistance lines for perspective commercial use

    C1360 - Powdery mildew resistant variety

    (All India Coordinated
    Experimental Trail for Mulberry Phase IV)


    Soumen Chattopadhyay, Rita Banerjee,
    A.K. Saha


    PIB3548- Evaluation of bacterial leaf spot resistant improved progenies of mulberry for field utilization

    C-7- Bacterial leaf spot resistant variety saplings

    OST- Evaluation of high yielding & bacterial leaf spot resistant mulberry variety C-7: Saplings supplied at 6 locations


    Soumen Chattopadhyay,
    Rita Banerjee


    PRE3589- Assessment of designed antimicrobial peptides for mulberry protection against brown leaf spot and root rot: a biotechnological approach

    (Synthetic cecropin-mellitin peptide)

    Disease (Myrothecium leaf spot and Fusarium root rot) management in mulberry plants

    Process patent filed- TEMP/E-1/10395/2021-KOL dated 05-03-2021

    Soumen Chattopadhyay
    Pooja Makwana
    Anil Pappachan
    Sivaprasad V


    AIC02004CN- Molecular characterization and assessment of the efficacy of low molecular weight peptides isolated from mulberry leaf against flacherie disease of silkworm (in collaboration with UNB, Siliguri)

    Bacterial cultures (Staphylococcus sciuri, Micrococcus luteus, Micrococcus terreus, Enetrobactor hormaechi, Serratia nematodiphila)

    Identification of pathogens and bioassay


    Pooja Makwana, Soumen Chattopadhyay
    K Rahul
    Pradeep AR
    Palash Mandal


    Method for assessment of soil microbial activity

    Soil microbial health kit

    Assessment of soil microbial health rapidly

    Process patent filed: TEMP/E-1/62723/2020-KOL DATED 24/12/2020

    Aparna Kopparapu
    Sivaprasad V